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A word a day keeps the crazies away

Writing really does keep me sane, and keeps the shit away. That was made so real to me this week. Between a legal case from hell that I was sure I would win and lost excellently, and trying to help someone who’d been on anti-depressants for a while and then going round the bend myself, I pretty much hit rock bottom yesterday. I cried like a bullied little girl.

I’d always thought I was tougher, a hard bitch, but obviously not.
You see, I hadn’t written, or edited (even worse) for over a week. Too busy on spinning the wheel that is earning money, only to pay bills. That had to come first. So I thought. Funny how I get in ruts like that and its tough to get out of. Only things like a bastard magistrate and real estate agent from the boys club can jolt me out sometimes.
No editor or writing meant my happiness suffered. Big time.
Still has if I’m really honest.

Writing gives me a ray of hope, that gem, that bit of sunlight to look forward to each day. I know I’m getting deep today, but I don’t care. It’s my new blog strategy (for today anyway) tell the honest raw truth, and hopefully someone somewhere will understand. Or I might help someone, even better.

Then to top it all off I got my first crap review for a book that had 6 five star reviews previously. Obviously I’m more sensitive than I care to admit.
That’s why I write I guesss. I hope its why you do too.
So write, if you’re miserable, write. You’ll feel better I promise. Who knows, someday you could turn it into a best seller!

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