About the Author

Ten Things About Me: I live in Melbourne Australia in a big old house with my husband and three children.  I have a home office, and also have a commercial copywriting businesscropped-andrea-drew-corporate-shot-author.jpg

What did I do before I was a writer: I have had a commercial writing business since 1998.  Before that I worked in administration in various corporations which was about as much fun as having root canal work.

Family Life: Organised chaos.  Hell forget the organised, its just chaos.  But happy chaos.  If you came to see me, drop in anytime.  If you came to see my house, make a bloody appointment.

What I love about being an author…creating worlds and giving my imagination free reign.  That and the fact that if someone pisses me off, I can make them a character in one of my novels then kill them off.

What I dislike about being an author…the fact that some of my “friends” like to frequently call me up to ask if I’m busy.  What are they expecting?  That I’ll say “Hell No, I was just sitting here painting my nails waiting for you to call.”

Why I do what I do…It’s not even so much a choice any more.  I love it…but not only that..I have to do it.

If I wasn’t a Writer I would Be: working in a book shop trying not to spend all my pay on books

I dream of: earning enough from my royalties that I can provide the bulk of the family income AND allow my husband to retire from his job so he can annoy me 24 hours a day…no scratch that…so I can have a full time house husband (always wanted me one of them)

I would advise other writers: believe in yourself, when all else fails write something no matter how good or bad–you can always edit it later.  Write every day, even if its only a few hundred words, write every day.

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