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Calling all Beta Readers!

Hey everyone
Yeah I know I’ve been hidden amongst the undergrowth that is writing life, with not a blog post to be found,but I’m back.
Why? How come? What gives love?
Well, actually its the manuscript I’m working on. I’ve got quite a bit to say about this one. I’m struggling with a few things. As the first book in the second series I have no clue about the title. Originally this was going to be the Sentinel series but the name for book 1 of series 2 changes daily.


Well this one is more of a mystery. The reader won’t know who did it until the very end. The loose ends will tie up then.

There’s also some paranormal in it, but not until the reader is into the first third of the book. So now at the 20K mark, the paranormal side of it is only just coming into play.

I love writing paranormal so right now I’m not sure whether to scrap the first 20K and start again, rewrite it, or go with another story idea.

So I’m hoping my lovely beta readers will pick the first third of the book apart.
It isn’t polished or edited yet.
I do however want to know the following (I really do)
a) Is this story boring compared to the Gypsy Series (this one is told by Connor Gypsy’s now husband)
b) What do you like about the story so far? What do you want to see more of?
c) What doesn’t work for you?

I have the first 20K in PDF, kindle and epub format so if you’d like to read it, and can get feedback to me back in a week, please email me back and I’ll send it through.

Yes the story is unfinished so you’ll be left hanging. If you think you can handle it, please let me know 🙂

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