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Casting for Gypsy Hunted the Movie

What’s an author to do on Christmas Day lunch?

If you’re like me, of course you discuss casting for the movie version of Gypsy Hunted, which I dream one day will be made.

Thanks go to two people very close to me on this one.  My sister Carla and my son Conan.

They’ve both read the book and understand the characters very well, in fact judging by their casting choices, they know them better than I do.  They are perfect!

Here are the judges choices:

Gypsy Shields – Kiera Knightly (Casting by Carla) Keira_Knightley_333035



Connor Reardon – Chris Hemsworth (Casting by Andrea)

chris hemsworth

Leah Lumsden – (Gypsy’s Sister) – Natalie Portman (Casting by Carla) natalie-portman




Aaron Reardon – (Connor’s nephew) – Sam Worthington (Casting by Andrea)sam worthington





Ian Robson (Connor’s detective partner) – Chris Nolan (Casting by Conan)Christopher-Nolan500





Renee Lumsden – (Gypsy’s niece) – Maisie Williams (casting by Conan)Maisie_Williams






And there you have it!  Well done team love your work!


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