Results from first kindle countdown promotion – A success? Yes….

1st 2nd and 3rd place after 60 hours kindle countdown











OK, deep breath. I’m going to digest it all and report on the five day countdown deal that was. I had my first ever kindle countdown deal from 15th to 20th December 2014 for my (also a first) fiction title Gypsy Hunted. If you read my previous post you’ll see I invested heavily in paid promotion from a number of sites at a cost of around $180. Did I make my money back, I’m happy to say yes I did.  Here’s how the book was ranking before the promotion:ranking prior to first kindle countdown deal

As I’m based in Melbourne I went to sleep the first night dreaming of making the top 100 best seller list the next morning.  As my book started with a ranking of #113,000 and was selling maybe 7 copies a week tops, I think I was living in la la land there.

I was still shocked to wake up and found only 10 people had bought it at 0.99 cents though:

That first day I sold around 30 books, around 5 of them KU (kindle unlimited borrows)

I was so excited at the jump in ranking I took screen shots as I went so here is a runnning tally of progress in pictures.  Note; 80% of the promotion websites sent out their emails to readers on the 15th.  Two websites, Digital Books Today and Ebook lister did so on the 16th.  I’m still unsure whether it is those two websites that got such big numbers on the second day (16th) or whether this was a follow on snowball effect from the day before.16 hours after countdown deal begannumber 5 in psychic mysteries

hour 20 after kindle promotion

after 18 hours of kindle countdownafter 44 hours kindle countdown48 hours after kindle countdown launchNO1 in psychic mysteries

So would I consider it a success?  Definitely.  I sold 263 books over 6 days.  Compared to my pre countdown deal average of of less than 1 book sale a day that’s over 250 people that now have my book.

Currently the book is ranking around the #14,000 rank mark and selling 8 books per day.  Of course that will decrease over time, but considering I made back the costs of the promotion and then some, I’m very happy with the promotion overall.