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Crime Author playlist

Although I haven’t written fiction for nearly three weeks, I’m getting there. After losing my father in law suddenly from a heart attack combined with my own health scare (I still get to write those books rattling around in my head), life went from chaos to insanity.

I’m now settling back into the mundane, and while yes my house still looks like the junkies have moved in (why clean today when the kids will turn it into a shit hole tomorrow?)

I am now approaching a point where I’m ready to get the final scenes of my next book down on the page, with renewed interest.

In the meantime, I’ve finally created my own playlist to keep me going, and thought you might enjoy it. I’ve categorised it below according to which songs suit either scenes from a particular book, or an interesting character. Here they are:

1. Gypsy, after an argument with Connor in book 2 Gypsy Cradle

2. Connor, after leaving St Kilda Road headquarters and receiving notice of his suspension

3. Aaron, after abducting his first victim (Gypsy Hunted)

4. Connor, once he realises he has doubted Gypsy (Gypsy Cradle):

5. Gypsy, after waking from a vision in Gypsy Curse:

6. Tiran, after Aaron has stormed out in book 1 Gypsy Hunted:

To view the playlist of some of the songs I played while writing the Gypsy Medium Series:


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