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I finally shot a gun…

Finally my author friends and I got to experience gun shooting.  We’re in Australia, so we headed off to Melbourne Gun Club to try out shooting with a 12 gage shot gun, with clay targets.

Took me a couple of tries (six) before I killed some clay, and as those of you more knowledgeable than me will see from the video at first, I wasn’t holding it correctly, only later did I lean into it.  Then it worked!

IMG_6557.MOV (1)

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  1. How’s your shoulder? Did you enjoy it?
    I love shooting clay birds, and am pretty good at it, but can’t hit a still target with any accuracy. Hubby still can’t figure that out, tells me to just hope if I ever need to shoot for self defense hope they are moving.

  2. It’s fun isn’t it?
    My husband has purchased 2 guns for me and has a collection of his own, whenever we have time we go target shooting, most times I miss the target but practice makes perfect.

  3. Good shooting. Some of us (me) took a lot longer to figure that out. Did you find yourself, afterwards, wanting to do it again?
    I find that I still want to go to the range, even though I can’t shoot anymore. When one’s tremors are so bad one can’t keep the gun still, one has no business holding a gun.
    I hope you enjoyed the time on the range, but where was your hearing protection?