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Literary agents and Amazon pre-orders

archway image for gypsy hunted coverI’m sorry readers I know it’s been a while since I posted. It’s been nearly two months which feels like a lifetime ago.  What’s happened since then and why the absence?  Well, primarily commercial work (I write copy as well as professional resumes and cover letters and have done for many years now) combined with three children (6,9 and 16) and plugging away at my manuscript.

Why so long?  (Maybe it hasn’t been that long in the scheme of things but it sure feels like it from where I’m sitting)

I’ve been editing and finalising Gypsy Hunted my first novel/fiction title.  What that means is email exchanges with my US based editor Therese Arkenberg, I send her 10-20K words and it comes back with changes, some comments.  Things like “Include an action beat here” or “Connor sighs again.  Is he human or is he eey-ore?”

That’s taken time.  As has writing the final scenes.  The scenes were already written but after collaborating with my editor, we realised that there wasn’t enough of the psychic factor in the ending, after all Gypsy Hunted is a psychic suspense thriller.

So now after what feels like a mountain of writing and editing, it is done and stands at 61,000 words.  I am currently checking it for typos and giving the manuscript its 423rd read through 🙂

On the literary agent front, an agent has asked for a copy of the full manuscript, which was an unexpected surprise, so watch this space for announcements.  If there’s no announcement then I guess you know this was yet another rejection as none of us like to broadcast them.  Do we?

A couple of weeks ago Amazon quietly notified me of the brand spanking  new pre-order function brand spanking new woohoo!  This means us self published independent authors can sell copies from amazon pre-release.

I loaded up my cover, description and a draft manuscript and it went live to the amazon store on 2 September.  Release day is Oct 28 2014

You can buy Gypsy Hunted for 99 cents prior to release day here

So far it’s ranked nicely selling around 25 copies in as many days.  Will be interesting to see what happens on release day and whether I’ll get a surge in amazon ranking or it will remain the same.

If I don’t blog again before release day, I’ll talk to you all again on Oct 28!

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