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From the desk of Bestselling Author Andrea Drew:

Dear Aspiring Author

If you’re like me when I began this scary task, you wonder most days if it’s possible.  You’re forever telling stories, mimicking the accents, loving the looks on listeners faces as you drag out the telling of your tale for as long as possible. You day dream about doing it for a living. It seems far off, unattainable, out of reach.  Let me tell you it can be done.  You’ve wanted to write these stories down and have others read them for a long time.  So long ago you’ve forgotten when you first started imagining it.  In itself, that would be enough reward right? To have your stuff read.  It all seems too good to be true.

The problem is, life gets in the way.  Kids, bills, work, it’s all too hard, by the time you get to thinking about writing you’re exhausted.  You put yourself last. There’s money to be made, wolves to keep from the door, a family to support.  No time for pipe dreams any more. You tell yourself that some sweet day, when the planets align, and if you put your socks on in the right order, and the demands will ease up for just five damn minutes, you’ll have the time to do something for you, have time to write, something worthwhile, something real so you can escape the rat race.

Let me tell you, if you’re waiting for permission to write fiction professionally, that day will never come.  NEVER.  Besides, I’m not good at waiting.

Then one day, an idea comes that just won’t leave you alone.  You’ve made attempts at writing a novel, and failed. I know I did. The idea stays, but you give up on being able to write it.  You’re just not talented enough.  I’m here to tell you that is the biggest pack of lies anyone could ever tell themselves. Back then I didn’t know what I didn’t know; I failed to realise how little I knew about the industry, and how far I had to go.  I wasn’t born talented, gifted, creative I was a competent writer and I worked damn hard to become a good one.

I doubted myself CONSTANTLY, but I kept going, ploughing ahead.

If you’re going to do this, really do it, you need support, encouragement, someone to talk to, to learn from, someone that understands.  That can answer any possible question you have. Not some Guru spouting “Do as I say not as I do” But real ‘what to do’ advice from someone with skin in the game.  Not empty promises and throat clearing.  You want to pick the brains of someone that’s been where you are now, that’s living it TODAY, someone that understands what you’re going through, and has pushed through every barrier imaginable to achieve their dreams.  And let me tell you, when you do get there, the rewards are sweeter than you can imagine, the nectar of life itself.   There’s no feeling like it in existence.  That I promise you.  Everything you are going through now, and are yet to go through, will all be worth it when you look back at the start of your writing journey, which begins the day you decide on investing in you.

But first here’s some statistics from the Kindle world of ebooks:

  • We estimate that the sales of Kindle devices stood at roughly 20 million in 2013, bringing about $3.9 billion in revenues. (Forbes Magazine – forbes.com)
  • On average, an ebook costs $6.25 less than a hardcover book. This is a huge issue to the book publishing industry, which worries that ebook sales will cannibalize hardcover book sales. (Yes it will and it has, get over it Big 5 Trad Pubbers)
  • Amazon has sold around 22 million Kindle books so far this year. (2010 – Business Insider.com.au) and that’s not factorering in the massive growth of ebooks sales when you consider the number of downloads of the kindle app to phones, tablets, PCs and laptops.
  • Their is no limit in the massive amazon kindle marketplace. Ebooks can be purchased at low cost with  just one click (the one click purchase – open an amazon account and you’ll see)

If you’re thinking of putting off a decision on whether to sign up today, here’s an idea of what’s possible

Started with publishing first book in 2014.  Within eight months the following had been achieved: (more than 29,000 ebooks sold)


Achieved best seller status:


And made 8 thousand AUS ($5.2K USD) in three months.


Here’s what you’ll learn in this short seminar:

  • The one thing you MUST do to stay in the game long term. Longevity is key with this one.
  • How to start and end your Chapters to hook the reader in early, and keep them coming back for more
  • Which genres sell, and which don’t and how to give readers what they want and still have fun, readers that will consume your books as fast as you can produce them
  • Build a tribe of hungry readers ready to devour your next offering;
  • How to get reviews and where NOT to ask for reviews (Unless you’re fishing for trolls)
  • Disaster proof your writing business. The five easy steps you MUST take to set up a system that works on auto pilot from anywhere on the planet and on any time zone.

My personal guarantee to you.  In the unlikely event that you don’t find value in the seminar, and walk away with tools to write and publish fiction and make money on kindle, simply walk up to me at the end of the seminar, ask for a refund and I’ll hand you a crisp $50 note.

100% Guarantee.  Can’t be fairer than that.



Dates: February 21 2017 

Times: 7pm (2 hour Seminar)

Venue: SMA Australia, Suit 7 / 16-28 Melverton Dr, Hallam VIC 3803

10% of all ticket sales are donated to SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy)

Cost: $49




Bank Details:  National Australia Bank: Andrea Drew 083-321 Acct No: 73-141-9577

Note: Due to limited places, payment must be made in advance via bank deposit.  Please list your surname and SEM for seminar to secure your place.  Official receipts will be brought to you on seminar day/night

For further information you can call me on 0405 958 736