Book 2 Gypsy Cradle is done – the hounds are released!

Gypsy Cradle JanYesterday, book 2 in the Gypsy Quadrilogy (is that even a word?  Heck, it is now) released on Amazon, iBooks, Nook and Kobo.  I got so caught up in my day job (I’m a resume writer and copy writer to earn my daily bread) that I wasn’t able to refresh the page every few seconds, although I did send out emails announcing the big day was coming.

I did quite a bit of promotion for book 1 Gypsy Hunted, and so luckily had previously received fan email and enthusiastic and kind folks had gone to the trouble of reviewing it.  I sent them a copy a couple of weeks ago.

So I wasn’t prepared to get an enthusiastic email this morning Oz time from Gina, who enjoyed the books, and is excited about the 7 books I have planned out (two series).  Feedback from readers makes my day, and four five star reviews while I slept oblivious to what was going on is the icing on the cake.

What a rush.  Absolutely made my day.  I have big plans, and am writing like the wind on the prequel (which I will venture to say is so much fun to write and therefore hopefully more fun to read).  Each novel I am learning so much thanks to my line editor Therese Arkenberg (don’t inundate her with work folks, otherwise she will get too busy to help me) which makes writing each book more rewarding.  I feel like a god.

I am  meeting with a detective with over 30 years experience, in six weeks time, once the prequel is done.  It will be my first police procedural, featuring the hot Sentinel detective Connor Reardon (you’re in for a treat ladies, settle down)

I’ve wanted to write for a long time, more years than I care to admit.  But better late than never.

My work here is definitely not done.

If you love what I do, please email me.  I hope that as I write more, and I get busier and more successful, that I never lose touch with readers.  You are why I do what I do 🙂

Where have I been? Organising a Book launch or something?

become-a-writerNo I haven’t been hiding.  Okay, well maybe just a little bit.  Truth be known when I’m writing a novel I tend to introvert more than usual, which is a lot.  Currently I’ve just about finished making line edits, its gone out to beta readers (and thankfully feedback so far is that its better than the first) and I’ve even lashed out and written a couple of sex scenes.  My writing friend, who I call “the godmother” as she helped me through the sometimes painful process of giving birth to the gypsy character, insisted I write them, much to my shock and horror.  I was terrified I’d write some cliche ridden drivel.  It seems they came out all right.

Far be it for me to deny my fans the satisfaction of reading about Connor and Gypsy finally getting it on.

And it was more difficult than I thought.  Kudos to all the romance writers out there.

I also had a super glam book launch.  My husband wasn’t keen initially, although of course he came around eventually, he got to catch up with friends!

It took quite a bit of organising but was a lovely acknowledgement for all my hard work:

book launch graphic


While it was a heap of fun, I’m not sure yet if I’ll have a launch for Book 2 (released April 27 folks!).  I’ll see.  For now I’m off to edit the final scenes, then its time to finish off the prequel, Gypsy Life.  I promise I won’t leave it so long between blog posts.  See you soon!
book launch chatting

book launch pic of signing

Gypsy Cradle (Book 2 of the Gypsy Series) is just around the corner!

Gypsy Cradle JanFor those of you that enjoyed the first book in the series “Gypsy Hunted” you will be pleased to know that Gypsy Cradle, book 2 is progressing nicely and will be available for pre order in just a matter of weeks!

The first draft of a book cover design has arrived, and although it needs some tweaking (I’m not keen on the font and kerning or letter spacing) I can reveal it to you today.

Here it is.  Feedback, comments, thoughts, questions?

Gypsy Cradle cover Jan 2015

Gypsy Cradle cover Jan 2015

Casting for Gypsy Hunted the Movie

What’s an author to do on Christmas Day lunch?

If you’re like me, of course you discuss casting for the movie version of Gypsy Hunted, which I dream one day will be made.

Thanks go to two people very close to me on this one.  My sister Carla and my son Conan.

They’ve both read the book and understand the characters very well, in fact judging by their casting choices, they know them better than I do.  They are perfect!

Here are the judges choices:

Gypsy Shields – Kiera Knightly (Casting by Carla) Keira_Knightley_333035



Connor Reardon – Chris Hemsworth (Casting by Andrea)

chris hemsworth

Leah Lumsden – (Gypsy’s Sister) – Natalie Portman (Casting by Carla) natalie-portman




Aaron Reardon – (Connor’s nephew) – Sam Worthington (Casting by Andrea)sam worthington





Ian Robson (Connor’s detective partner) – Chris Nolan (Casting by Conan)Christopher-Nolan500





Renee Lumsden – (Gypsy’s niece) – Maisie Williams (casting by Conan)Maisie_Williams






And there you have it!  Well done team love your work!


Results from first kindle countdown promotion – A success? Yes….

1st 2nd and 3rd place after 60 hours kindle countdown











OK, deep breath. I’m going to digest it all and report on the five day countdown deal that was. I had my first ever kindle countdown deal from 15th to 20th December 2014 for my (also a first) fiction title Gypsy Hunted. If you read my previous post you’ll see I invested heavily in paid promotion from a number of sites at a cost of around $180. Did I make my money back, I’m happy to say yes I did.  Here’s how the book was ranking before the promotion:ranking prior to first kindle countdown deal

As I’m based in Melbourne I went to sleep the first night dreaming of making the top 100 best seller list the next morning.  As my book started with a ranking of #113,000 and was selling maybe 7 copies a week tops, I think I was living in la la land there.

I was still shocked to wake up and found only 10 people had bought it at 0.99 cents though:

That first day I sold around 30 books, around 5 of them KU (kindle unlimited borrows)

I was so excited at the jump in ranking I took screen shots as I went so here is a runnning tally of progress in pictures.  Note; 80% of the promotion websites sent out their emails to readers on the 15th.  Two websites, Digital Books Today and Ebook lister did so on the 16th.  I’m still unsure whether it is those two websites that got such big numbers on the second day (16th) or whether this was a follow on snowball effect from the day before.16 hours after countdown deal begannumber 5 in psychic mysteries

hour 20 after kindle promotion

after 18 hours of kindle countdownafter 44 hours kindle countdown48 hours after kindle countdown launchNO1 in psychic mysteries

So would I consider it a success?  Definitely.  I sold 263 books over 6 days.  Compared to my pre countdown deal average of of less than 1 book sale a day that’s over 250 people that now have my book.

Currently the book is ranking around the #14,000 rank mark and selling 8 books per day.  Of course that will decrease over time, but considering I made back the costs of the promotion and then some, I’m very happy with the promotion overall.

My experiment with my first Kindle countdown deal

I’m experimenting with my very first Kindle Countdown deal from 15th to 20th December 2014.  Gypsy Hunted will be reduced to 0.99 for six days.  I’ve spent nearly $200 on advertising to promote the deal.

For my fellow authors, I’ll dissect the results of my promotion a day or so after its done and dusted.

Some of the websites that will be promoting the deal are:

Bargain Booksy

Choosy Bookworm

Digital Book Today

The Fussy Librarian

Kindle Books and Tips

ebook deal of the day UK

Ereader news today

ebook Habit

and Author Marketing Club (Premium Membership)

I’ve also got a couple of lovely ads designed by Debby Pence.  Thanks Debby.  Here’s hoping I get lots of sales out of this promotion!

gypsyhuntedsalead2 gypsyhuntedsalefinal

Interview with Carrie Bedford author of “The Aura”

the aura coverBOOK BLURB


Life spins out of control for London architect Kate Benedict when suddenly, she sees a dancing aura above certain people’s heads that seems to signal death. Suddenly she’s psychic It can’t be! Psychic’s not acceptable in her circle, where the supernatural is strictly for the superstitious. And yet…people are dying. People close to her.

Kate’s tentative attempts to talk about her new-found metaphysical gift are met with eyerolls, so much so that she can’t even tell the nice Scotland Yard detective who’s investigating the death of a close friend, Rebecca Williams. And now Rebecca’s neighbor has an aura!

So what’s Kate to do but try to save him by turning detective herself? A break-in and attack on her boy friend confirm that the murderer’s catching on that Kate knows too much. But he (or maybe she) has no idea that what Kate knows is a little on the paranormal side.

Fans of traditional British mysteries (and female sleuths) will love watching competent, reasonable Kate try to harness supernatural abilities she not only doesn’t understand, she doesn’t even believe in! And those who love international mysteries will particularly enjoy the vivid scenes in Italy, where the story begins and, in some ways, ends.

WHO ELSE WILL LIKE IT: Anyone looking for a new, fresh female sleuth, as well as fans of paranormal suspense, traditional (yet not too cozy) stories, contemporary British women detectives like the ones found on the BBC’sROSEMARY AND THYME and MURDER IN SUBURBIA, and mysteries with a metaphysical twist, like Kay Hooper’s Bishop Files series, Iris Johansen’s THE PERFECT WITNESS, and Heather Graham’s Krewe of Hunters books.

“Carrie Bedford is a real find, and The Aura is engaging paranormal suspense … Bedford is a fine writer, an accomplished novelist, and a terrific storyteller whose characters ring true and pull us deep into the mystery.” -Shelley Singer, author of the Jake Samson-Rosie Vicente mystery series and Torch Song, first in the Blackjack near-future thriller series.


carried bedford author picture


1. Did you do any kind of research to determine the details of your characters’ lives / lifestyles?

Yes, lots. I enjoy the research component of writing and it is also the perfect excuse to not actually write! For my first book, which is historical fiction, I spent years, really, to gather all the information. For The Aura, the research was less intense, more focused on things like checking geographical details, or learning how an architectural firm works. The Aura sequel takes place in a medical setting, so I’ve done lots of research on hospitals, morgues and the pharmaceutical industry.

2. The best book/s you ever read?

I’m not sure I can point to just one. I have eclectic tastes. I’ll read anything from Shakespeare to Clancy and my kindle is crammed with books that I think are brilliant: Bel Canto by Ann Patchett, The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins, A Passage to India by E.M. Forster, most of the Brontes’ books, The Name of the Rose by Umberto Ecco, anything by Arturo Perez-Reverte. Recently, I read Anthony Doerr’s All the Light We Cannot See and Adrian J Walker’s End of the World Running Club.

3. Do you have strange writing habits?

I started writing when I was still working full-time with two young daughters at home. I worked on a laptop and took it with me everywhere, using the waiting time to write, regardless of the location — dentist offices, dance studios, sitting in a car park. I developed the ability to write in short bursts of activity and still do that, although now I’m lucky enough to have more time and often write for hours without a break.

4. Where did you grow up?

In London. I love that city and visit it often. It was a natural choice of setting for The Aura.

5. How did you get into writing?

I won a Greater London Essay Competition when I was young, and always wanted to write fiction after that. All through college and my career, I wrote, but it wasn’t fiction. About eight years ago, when I was living in Italy, I was inspired to write a historical novel about the Roman empress Galla Placidia. I took some online writing classes, met some talented and inspirational classmates and I haven’t stopped writing since.
6. What was the most surprising thing you learned in creating your books?

I think it was discovering what a kick writing is! I get the same kind of endorphin rush when I’ve had a good writing session that I experience when I exercise. And I was also surprised by just how absorbing writing can be. I inhabit my fictional worlds and talk to my characters. It’s a wonderful retreat when I need a rest from the real world!
7. you think that the cover plays an important part in the buying process?

Yes, I do. As a reader, I always look at the cover before considering buying a book. If the cover is attractive or intriguing in some way, I go on to read the jacket copy to see if it’s something that will interest me. I think a badly designed cover can turn off or mislead potential readers very quickly.

8. What is your favorite quote?

It’s a quote that a friend and fellow novelist gave me. I like because it applies to writing and life and everything in between.

I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I remain. — Frank Herbert, Dune.

9. What do you consider your best accomplishment?

I think it would be what so many women accomplish every day. Having a career, and children, a marriage and a (time-consuming) hobby and finding ways to make them work together — and remembering to be grateful for all of them. But if I had to pick one, it would be being a mum. I love it!
10. What’s the worst job you’ve had?

It was a summer job when I was a student, working in the accounting department of a large manufacturing company. No computers, just adding machines. Eight hours a day of staring at numbers in a windowless room full of people all doing the same thing. It was mind-numbing – the antithesis of creative writing.

Thank you Carrie!  You can buy “The Aura” by clicking the link below:

Author Interview approaching: Carrie Bedford

Hi everyone

I’m very pleased to announce that in coming weeks I’ll be interviewing the lovely Carrie Bedford, author of “The Aura” a paranormal mystery.  Carrie is a fellow author published in the same category as I and I’m really looking forward to learning more about her.

The Aura is selling nicely and I’ve started reading it, a good read!

Please welcome her, and check out the Aura!the aura carrie bedford