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So far…

I’m 34,000 words into my second thriller novel Gypsy Hunter.  Which begs the question, what the hell happened to the first one?  It was entitled DNA Murder, and it died a quiet death, and has now been relegated to my hard drive, never to see the light of day.  Why?  Well, the last manuscript I started was for a competition, and I persisted with the blasted thing longer than I should have.  You know the feeling, grinding, metal on metal, determined to finish the thing before you realise it has become a bit of a monster so you leave it alone for a bit.  Then find you just can’t face going back to it. picture

So fast forward a few weeks to late March 2014 and my good mate Eve and I are at writers group thrashing out ideas.  I’m fascinated by the ideas of telepaths.  I asked the question, what would you do if you witnessed a murder, but were attacked, suffered a head injury and couldn’t speak?  From this the idea for Gypsy Hunter was formed.  I started writing a couple of thousand words never imagining it would become a novel.  Then a couple more.  Then the story took hold of me and I couldn’t stop which was a new experience for me.  I’ve been writing between 1000 and 2000 words for most of April 2014.

I’m now at 34,000 words.  My word count has dropped a bit the last two days, but that’s probably because I wrote what I classed as boring scenes.  So I’ve skipped them and moved to the “candy” scenes.  You know the ones you’re desperate to write.

My aim is to get it to 65,000 words (completion) some time in May.  I’m wondering however, if I’ll crack the big 60K.  So I’ve decided to do a couple of things:

a) Just write the damn thing and seeing where it ends up (as opposed to endlessly editing it before its even finished);

b) today send an email to Jodie Renner, editor of all things suspense to see if I’m on the right track.

Tomorrow should be a better day.  Feedback so far has been positive.

Let’s see how it goes!

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