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T Minus 21 days and counting – Day 1 – My 21 day novel writing challenge

I first read books by Chris Fox months ago, as a somewhat withdrawn Kboards forum member.
His books Lifetime Writing Habit, 5,000 words per hour and Write to Market resonated with me.

I dreamed of achieving what he had but something always held me back. I now realise that was fear, a pathetic excuse for an emotion.

Over the last four months, and in the last month in particular, my copywriting business took a turn for the better. Income levels were at their highest point in more than 18 months. I stretched my writing muscles and got more done in a day than I’d previously allowed myself to believe possible.

So of course at the end of April, after checking my stats for the month, I began to entertain the wild idea that writing a novel a month could be possible for me.

So I started by writing a list of benefits to writing prolifically, one that was relevant to me and our family.
There were no down sides other than a schedule from hell and waking up with the birds but the benefits were endless. Plus it was only for 12 months right? How hard could it be?

Something inside me clicked three days ago last Friday and I decided I’d go for it.
Has it been uncomfortable?
Of course it has.

Am I excited?
You betcha.

I’ve started posting my word counts on facebook in a bid to make myself accountable. I mentioned to one of my friends Amanda, that all would be revealed in a blog post.

So here it is.
2000 words of fiction each and every day for the next 365 days. I’m cheating a bit in that I’ve already written 20,000 words of my current work in progress as yet untitled. But its taken me since January 1 to the end of April to get this far.

Enough is enough.

Excuse my shaking camera aka my mobile phone. I’m still getting the hang of this video lark, but I promise by tomorrow there’ll be no more distracting shakes.

The excitement has gone to my head, and it seems, my hands….
My 21 day finish this novel already challenge – and my 365 day writing challenge

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