The classic Creative Type

What must it be like for an authors husband?  Rough?  Luckily for me my husband is loving and patient.  Or maybe I am just so damn happy it’s rubbing off onto him.  I’ve dreamed of writing since I was a toddler.  Yes, I did say toddler, I was a tad unusual in that I was reading at 18 months.  So born to write.

I did start a novel last September.  Got to 29,000 and let it die a slow death, relegated to gather dust on my hard drive.  I might call an exhumation one day.  Right now however all I can think about is my characters, Gypsy, Renee, Leah, and Connor the main characters of “Gypsy Hunter” part of my family now.

I’m trying not to show that I’m so excited I’m sure I’ll be mistaken for a speed addict any minute.  Every book I’ve read on writing confirms this.  The characters are part of me, I miss them when I’m away, think about them constantly, dream about them. I’ve written the book I always wanted to read, and I’m a readaholic

Shit I’m gonna come write out and say it.  This book is good.  Damn good.  I guess I’ll find out in two weeks time when its done and dusted and the edits are finished.   Then its off to literary agent land.

Speaking of edits…did anyone say root canal work? 🙂