Book 2 Gypsy Cradle is done – the hounds are released!

Gypsy Cradle JanYesterday, book 2 in the Gypsy Quadrilogy (is that even a word?  Heck, it is now) released on Amazon, iBooks, Nook and Kobo.  I got so caught up in my day job (I’m a resume writer and copy writer to earn my daily bread) that I wasn’t able to refresh the page every few seconds, although I did send out emails announcing the big day was coming.

I did quite a bit of promotion for book 1 Gypsy Hunted, and so luckily had previously received fan email and enthusiastic and kind folks had gone to the trouble of reviewing it.  I sent them a copy a couple of weeks ago.

So I wasn’t prepared to get an enthusiastic email this morning Oz time from Gina, who enjoyed the books, and is excited about the 7 books I have planned out (two series).  Feedback from readers makes my day, and four five star reviews while I slept oblivious to what was going on is the icing on the cake.

What a rush.  Absolutely made my day.  I have big plans, and am writing like the wind on the prequel (which I will venture to say is so much fun to write and therefore hopefully more fun to read).  Each novel I am learning so much thanks to my line editor Therese Arkenberg (don’t inundate her with work folks, otherwise she will get too busy to help me) which makes writing each book more rewarding.  I feel like a god.

I am  meeting with a detective with over 30 years experience, in six weeks time, once the prequel is done.  It will be my first police procedural, featuring the hot Sentinel detective Connor Reardon (you’re in for a treat ladies, settle down)

I’ve wanted to write for a long time, more years than I care to admit.  But better late than never.

My work here is definitely not done.

If you love what I do, please email me.  I hope that as I write more, and I get busier and more successful, that I never lose touch with readers.  You are why I do what I do 🙂