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The real life setting of Gypsy Hunted – plus Pronoun closing

Hi everyone
Below and above are some photos of my recent visit to the real life setting of Gypsy Hunted book 1. For those of you that have read it, you’ll see its pretty close as far as setting goes to the first and second chapters, where all the action happens 🙂

It was actually a thrill visiting Lygon Street, I hadn’t revisited since I wrote the book in 2014, and I actually found the section of the long street, as I remembered it from twenty years ago!  It is a park, and I found a sign listing the name of the park and took a photo for posterity.

Bit of background, I walked through this actual area 20 years ago or more, when I was on a first date, which turned out to be an abysmal failure

But I still remember the feeling walking through darkened parks and streets to get back to his car, and it wasn’t exactly happy happy joy joy.

I have a competition as you’ll see on my facebook page here:

Just answer the question and possibly win a signed paperback copy!

Now, onto the next topic.  Pronoun is closing!

Most authors were shocked by this as we didn’t see it coming.  What it means though unfortunately is that I had to cancel the pre order of Thousand Cuts, I had little choice.

A Thousand Cuts was due for release July 2018, and pronoun recently announced their closure as of 15 Jan 2018, and so my pre order, published via pronoun, had to be cancelled.

If you ordered a copy, please let me know as amazon doesn’t tell me who actually pre-ordered it, although they do tell me how many were purchased.

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