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Where have I been? Organising a Book launch or something?

become-a-writerNo I haven’t been hiding.  Okay, well maybe just a little bit.  Truth be known when I’m writing a novel I tend to introvert more than usual, which is a lot.  Currently I’ve just about finished making line edits, its gone out to beta readers (and thankfully feedback so far is that its better than the first) and I’ve even lashed out and written a couple of sex scenes.  My writing friend, who I call “the godmother” as she helped me through the sometimes painful process of giving birth to the gypsy character, insisted I write them, much to my shock and horror.  I was terrified I’d write some cliche ridden drivel.  It seems they came out all right.

Far be it for me to deny my fans the satisfaction of reading about Connor and Gypsy finally getting it on.

And it was more difficult than I thought.  Kudos to all the romance writers out there.

I also had a super glam book launch.  My husband wasn’t keen initially, although of course he came around eventually, he got to catch up with friends!

It took quite a bit of organising but was a lovely acknowledgement for all my hard work:

book launch graphic


While it was a heap of fun, I’m not sure yet if I’ll have a launch for Book 2 (released April 27 folks!).  I’ll see.  For now I’m off to edit the final scenes, then its time to finish off the prequel, Gypsy Life.  I promise I won’t leave it so long between blog posts.  See you soon!
book launch chatting

book launch pic of signing

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