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Writing and Word Counts aka What to do When the Words are Not Enough…

I’m around 38,000 words into my manuscript/novel, a thriller.  Blogs abound with comments from writers who go way over the prescribed limit when submitting to agents and publishers.  What about us minimalists that might be worried the words are not enough though?

Yes I know I’m not finished, but seriously, I can’t see this MS being anything above 55,000 words, way beyond the 60-80K words recommended for a thriller, particularly from a debut novelist.  Which means what?  My characters are cardboard cutouts? What about the idea that “less is more” theory?

To resolve this issue and ease my concern, I’ve sent it off such as it is for a manuscript assessment.  I figure at the very least, I’ll see where it ends up, and then going through the whole thing again, rewrite, add, edit and rewrite some more.

Wish me luck….

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